304 SS Kitchen

Stainless steel cabinets are corrosion resistant & durable for generations. Stainless steel cabinets are Non-Combustible (flameproof). Floods, smoke, termites, or temperature and humidity extremes will not affect the appearance or functionality of a stainless steel cabinet.


Galvanized Steel Kitchen

Galvanized steel has gone through a chemical process to keep it against corrosions. The steel gets coated in layers of zinc hence rust won't attack this protective metal. For countless outdoor, marine, or industrial applications, galvanized steel is an essential fabrication component. It can be Epoxy powder coated in different colors & shades.

As well as slight differences in the silicon, phosphorus and molybdenum contents. Both are austenitic steels and are essentially non-magnetic.

Note: More % of nickel & chromium will avoid corrosion & rust marks & it will add luster to stainless steel.

Accessories: All accessories ie tandem boxes, hinges, soft closures, etc used by us are from Hettich Germany which carries a lifetime warranty.

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Lacquered Glass Door Finish

Lacquered glass gives a shiny and opaque finish to the glass.

It is highly durable and resists UV radiation, thus the color does not fade during its lifetime.

Back painted glass has a high resistance to scratches and humidity, thus it is useful in wet areas like the kitchen and bathroom.

Due to its shiny and reflective surface, back-painted glass reflects light back and thus creates brighter space, optimizing the use of artificial lights.

They can be easily processed further to produce decorative tempered glass, laminated glass, ceramic printed glass, frosted glass, etc.


Galvanized Steel Wardrobe

Galvanizing is lower in the first cost than many other commonly specified protective coatings for steel. (The application cost of labor-intensive coatings such as painting has risen far more than the cost of factory operations such as galvanizing.)

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